LASERMAN ORPHANS: Covers or Songs with No Album

These songs are mostly just Dr Mordo screwing around in the lab. A few have more details if you mouse over the title.  Covers list the original performer at the end.

The first five songs are part of a 70s rock album I worked on for several years but could never bring to fruition.
Big Leg Woman (Muddy Waters)
Every Day is the Same
Falling Star Blues
I Hear You Knocking (Dave Bartholomew)
The Salting of Carthage

Pop Song with No Words
The Lotus Eaters
Some Weird Sin (Iggy Pop)
Sixteen (Iggy Pop)
The Night the Clown Cried (w/ my kids)
Cold Rain (Screaming Trees)
Ghosts (Swing Set)
Jumpin' Jack Flash (Rolling Stones)
Fire and Rescue (Swing Set)
In God's Country (U2)