The 23rd Century are scientists/musicians who travel time and space searching for adventure. Recently they spent some time 200 years in the future (in the 23rd Century), and while they were there, the Moon began to show signs of imminent explosion. The 23rd Century lent their unique talents to the efforts to save the moon, and documented the events that took place on their new album, "Will The Moon Explode In...The 23rd Century?"

Dr. Ivan Mordo and The Platypus have collaborated musically for almost 20 years. When not travelling in Time or Space (or occasionally interdimensionally, but only when absolutely necessary), they have experimented with different styles of music including punk, rock, post-rock, and now psychedelia.

Recently the 23rd Century has doubled in size with the addition of the Infamous Benny Hill and the Mysterious Mr Klaus. These gentlemen bring with them a formidable knowledge of science, and will certainly be a great help in the struggle to save the moon.

On the recordings, Dr. Mordo plays drums and bass guitar while The Platypus plays the guitars. Both sing, both occasionally experiment with an instrument they can barely play (harmonica, trumpet, trombone, etc), and both contribute to the keyboard parts. When performing live, Benny Hill sings and plays guitar, while Mr. Klaus plays bass.

During the events of the Lunar Crisis, The 23rd Century befriended a being from the beginning of time name Sabu the Motard. He offers technological support and also videotapes the band's rehersals and concerts.